Parenteral nutrition in liver failure and hepatic encephalopathy

This calculator is a work in progress. Please double check the results

The ideal nutrition in decompensated liver cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy is a controversial topic. The approach here is largely based on a German guideline from 2009, although other guidelines support the suggested protein and energy intake. This approach here assumes, that you have three components to your parenteral nutrition:

  • a protein (or amino acid) component
  • a lipid component
  • a glucose component

In order to calculate the correct rates, you might need to adjust the parameters (e.g. energy contents or concentrations). Preset are values for an 8 % amino acid component, a 40 % glucose component and a 2000 kcal/l lipid component



protein/amino acids: {{ proteinMin.toFixed(2) }} g/d with malnutrition to {{ proteinMax.toFixed(2) }} g/d in malnutrition
total energy intake: {{ energyMin.toFixed(2) }} kcal/d to {{ energyMax.toFixed(2)}} kcal/d


protein/amino acids volume: {{ (proteinMin/proteinConcentrationGperL).toFixed(2)}} l/d to {{ (proteinMax/proteinConcentrationGperL).toFixed(2) }} l/d
energy: {{ ((proteinMin/proteinConcentrationGperL) * proteinEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d to {{ ((proteinMax/proteinConcentrationGperL) * proteinEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d
lipids volume: {{ ((remainingEnergyMin * (percentageLipidEnergy/100))/lipidEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} l/d to {{ ((remainingEnergyMax * (percentageLipidEnergy/100))/lipidEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} l/d
energy: {{ (remainingEnergyMin * (percentageLipidEnergy/100)).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d to {{ (remainingEnergyMax * (percentageLipidEnergy/100)).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d
glucose volume: {{ ((remainingEnergyMin * (percentageGlucoseEnergy/100))/glucoseEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} l/d to {{ ((remainingEnergyMax * (percentageGlucoseEnergy/100))/glucoseEnergyKcalPerL).toFixed(2) }} l/d
energy: {{ (remainingEnergyMin * (percentageGlucoseEnergy/100)).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d to {{ (remainingEnergyMax * (percentageGlucoseEnergy/100)).toFixed(2) }} kcal/d

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