Target INR for mechanical valves

The 2021 ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease provide target INR for various mechanical valves, emphasizing that a median INR should be targeted instead of an INR range.

Note that a mitral or tricuspid valve replacement qualifies for the higher INR target as a “risk faktor”.

Prosthesis thrombogenicityPatient-related risk factors:
Mitral or tricuspid valve replacement; previous thromboembolism; atrial fibrillation; mitral stenosis of any degree; LVEF <35%.
none≥1 risk faktor
Carbomedics, Medtronic Hall, ATS, Medtronic Open-Pivot, St Jude Medical, Sorin Bicarbon
Other bileaflet valves with insufficient data.
Lillehei-Kaster, Omniscience, Starr-Edwards (ball-cage), Bjork-Shiley and other tilting-disc valves.


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